360ia Bio

360ia is a software product company focused on cutting edge marketing automation and intelligence solutions.

360º’s technology is like a matchmaker for businesses and consumers. We introduce the perfect relationship opportunities to businesses looking to build long term relationships with the RIGHT person.

How 360ia Technology works

Before the consumer even begins shopping, our newest 360 technology platform already knows who will be buying what products. Using machine learning and cutting edge algorithms, it identifies those in the market for cars, homes, and furniture, as well as countless other products and services.

Our 360º platform connects small and medium businesses (SMBs) to the consumer to begin building a direct relationship with the client. At the exact time the customer is most interested in making a purchase, 360º creates and delivers extremely customized and personal offers for each person.

In addition to allowing SMBs to communicate directly with their most opportune clients, 360º also automates and manages personalized marketing messages on all major digital media platforms like search engines, social media, video channels and email. These are platforms the consumer is already interacting with in daily life.

Lastly, based on the marketing efforts the SMBs have done, 360º allows them to see who is making offline purchases even if the customer never contacts the SMB before coming in to make a purchase at the brick and mortar location.

Why is 360ia unique?

Before this unique and innovative 360º platform, small businesses could not afford technology that brings together big data with machine learning, intelligent automation and true marketing attribution into one seamless application. The 360 platform is revolutionizing the way small brands can now do business.

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